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About the Blakoe Ring

Ahead of its time

The very first, original Blakoe Ring was invented as a cure for incontinence in the early 1950's by the famous anatomist and physiologist, Dr. Robert Blakoe.

Very positive results

Preliminary results fully justified Dr. Blakoe's confidence and he produced several more prototype rings for his patients in a small scale trial. When this trial was underway word of the benefits began to spread. Outside his own enlightened circle many doctors laughed at the idea that something so simple could actually work. Now in more free thinking times they are widely using the same principle to treat their female patients.

The unexpected "Side-effect"

An unexpected and astonishing surprise became clear. The ring had a most remarkable 'side-effect', Dr. Blakoe's patients found it was improving their sex lives. It shouldn't have been a surprise. One of the principal problems with ageing is the way arteries harden and thicken. When that happens less blood circulates through them. That means the tissues that depend on them for supply start to suffer starvation and oxygen shortage. They don't work so well. And organs producing vital chemicals - as the testicles produce testosterone, suffer along with all the others. Fewer vital chemicals are produced and, gradually, the whole physical, mental and sexual mechanism slows down.

Threat from the "Anti-progress" faction

For Dr Blakoe's ring the sudden burst of publicity proved to be almost the end. Prevailing public opinion made advertising the benefits taboo and the idea almost died. One thing kept it going, the human grapevine, word of mouth. Despite the media silence, two things persisted the testimonials from delighted users and the sexual advantages that steadily gained major prominence while the original value for incontinence was largely overshadowed.

Modern medical tests prove positive

It was not until the early 1970's that public opinion began to change. With greater acceptance of sexual medicine a few pioneering doctors set about the first full-scale medical trials of the Blakoe Ring. The published findings left no doubt. The ring not only worked, it worked well, both amplifying sexual stamina, increasing and sustaining erection as well as helping problems of incontinence.

Benefits for all men!

Alongside the improvements in sexual function there were increasing reports, even from younger men, of its effects on sheer vigour, vitality, and general well-being. Again, this should have come as no surprise as, for a hundred years, biologists and physiologists have known how many other factors depend on, or are influenced by, testosterone and the other hormones of the body.

Success Down Under

As with so many things now, music, fashion, sport and life-style, it proved to be Australia that hosted the next and latest big change. Demand from this distant region energised new research into technology and materials. It is as a direct consequence of this pressure that the new MkIII Blakoe Ring has been developed. And it was in Australia that it was first officially recognised and registered as a genuine therapeutic device. Registration with the requirements of the European Union medical regulations is now complete. It seems likely that worldwide acceptance will not be long delayed.

21st Century advance

That is the success story of the new, Mark III Blakoe Ring superior in every way to what went before. It is manufactured from modern materials - clean, white, smooth, light and easily maintained. One size adjusts to fit all, so there is no difficult measuring and guesswork. Its appearance is inconspicuous, functional and clinical. Undetectable under clothing, wearers will soon be unaware of its presence. Their newfound vigour and zest for life will be an enigma to all but themselves.

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about the blakoe ring
the blakoe ring
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