The Blakoe Ring – Dr Blakoe’s cure for impotence

Poor blood supply is usually at the root of this condition and the great improvement in blood circulation induced by the Blakoe Ring initiates rapid results in the impotence sufferer.


General Practitioner Report

The Cure for Partial Erection (First published in a Medical Journal)

From my own 20 years’ experience in general practice, getting blood out of a stone is easier than persuading a patient to admit to any form of impotence. A discussion with the patient’s wife may reveal a very different story.
The Blakoe Ring

It has been my experience that most men over the age of 45 suffer from some degree of impotence. The psychiatrists would have us believe that most cases are psychological in origin, and there is no doubt that psychology does play a big part. But to suggest that 90 % of impotence is due to this cause would be incorrect. I am sure that most of my colleagues in general practice would agree.

Whilst there are definite organic causes of impotence traceable to diseases of the genito-urinary system, a gradual and age-related diminution in the output of testosterone is of primary importance. It is natural to assume that giving the patient testosterone would, pari passu, cure the condition, but such has not been the case – at least as far as I have found. Unless a definite diminution in the serum-testosterone level can be demonstrated, its use is a disappointment in treating impotence.

Mr W, Wilts.

“… as far as I am concerned the results have been extraordinary. For nearly two years I have been, with highly qualified medical advice, taking various drugs, injections etc., in an attempt to cure my near impotence. The effect, if any, was not to me noticeable. In some desperation I ordered your Ring and results were immediate, to my great astonishment".

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How quickly will it work?

In general only two weeks wear is needed to regain potency. Even men who have suffered the effects of impotence for some time will find the Blakoe Ring an invaluable aid to full recovery. Many men will also find that the adoption of a well-balanced diet and the use of vitamin and mineral supplements may help speed success. A common sense list of hints is offered below:

• Reduce your intake of salt, animal fats, dairy products, white bread, sugary foods and especially sugar in tea and coffee.

• Eat more fresh foods, including fruit and vegetables, and increase the amount of bran in your daily diet.

• Moderate your alcohol intake and, if you are a smoker, try to reduce your tobacco consumption or better still, quit altogether.

• Vitamin and mineral supplements are beneficial, particularly vitamins C and E, plus zinc, magnesium and potassium.

• A male glandular tonic, such as Blakoemax Lotion may also be useful.

Remember, these tips alone are not a method of fighting impotence, rather, they are offered as a complementary addition to the use of the Blakoe Ring. In the fight against impotence, the Blakoe Ring remains omnipotent to speedy success.

Mr D. Southend

“I purchased one of your Energiser Rings about two weeks ago with, I may say Sir, fantastic results. It’s like a new world to me now as I have been impotent nearly twenty years and had almost given up hope … I will surely recommend it to anyone in the same position”…

An Evaluation of the Blakoe Suspensory Ring and Energiser by Dr Robert Chartham

Dr Blakoe claimed that because the action of electricity increases the blood supply to the penis, his device is also effective in overcoming many cases of partial impotence.

At the time that the Ring was first brought to my notice, I had a number of cases of partial impotence which were stubbornly resisting all efforts to overcome them. They mostly involved men in their fifties and were the type of partial impotence where the penis never achieves more than half rigidity. This condition of partial impotence, while influenced by psychological causes, is also affected by a low standard of general health, brought about by overwork and preoccupation with business”.

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