Sexual performance enhancement – The Blakoe Ring

“No man reporting with impotence or increasing age-linked failure of sexual performance should be without the Blakoe Ring.”
Doctor Magazine Vol 83 p 28.


A Pilot Study of the Blakoe Energiser Ring’s Efficiency in Secondary Impotence
Materials and methods

The study population consisted of thirty males who attended a psychiatric outpatient clinic complaining of ‘secondary’ impotence (previously sexually competent).

At the time of referral the mean age of the subjects was 35.5 years and the mean duration of impotence was 5.25 years. 25 of the subjects had previously undergone various treatments including psychotherapy and male hormones, without significant improvement. At the time of entering the trial none of the patients had received therapy in the preceding six months. The trial, an open pilot study, was set up as follows, each patient acting as his own control:

a. A ‘run in’ appliance-free period of four weeks (to establish stable line conditions and data)
b. Four weeks wearing the Blakoe Energiser Ring
c. Four weeks follow-up period

The 3 phases ran consecutively.The Blakoe Ring.

At the end of the ‘run in’ period (four weeks) each patient was provided with a made-to-measure Energiser Ring. It was stressed that since the appliance’s effect was probably cumulative it should be worn at all times during wakefulness but, if for any reason this proved to be uncomfortable, full time wear could be dispensed with, although its use during coitus and/or masturbation was mandatory. No other advice or drugs were offered, and apart from the patient explaining to his partner that ‘the Ring was aimed to help his sexual performance’ no further information or treatment was provided.

Each subject assessed himself daily using a specially constructed but simple sexual rating scale. At the end of the 12-week study period the mass of data was processed to arrive at a simple ‘improved’ or ‘same or worse’ statement for each clinical parameter. The results for the Energiser Ring were compared with the ‘run in’ and follow up period respectively.

Sister Cadfael,

“…from personal experience of my husband it does work. My hubby actually likes wearing his ring during the day and at night when we make love he keeps it on as when he’s erect the ring helps keep him hard longer. I also like the feeling of the hard plastic (carbon) ring against me. Try it. It isn’t cheap but does work".

Results and Discussion

Thirty patients who agreed to wear the device concluded the study and generated data for analysis. There was statistically significant improvement on all but one clinical item (ie. sexual desire during coitus) at the end of the Energiser Ring phase, as compared with the ‘run in’ period. Moreover, by the end of the four week ‘follow up’ period (when the Ring was no longer being worn) significant clinical deterioration towards the pre-trial level had occurred, suggesting that improvement is specifically related to the wearing of the device.

There would seem to be three possible underlying mechanisms for the Ring’s efficacy. Firstly, the small spontaneous electric currents generated between the plates and the moist skin may have vasotonic effects on the penile blood vessels.

Secondly, the undoubted tourniquet effect of constraining blood in the body of the penis would tend to encourage stronger and more durable erections.

Thirdly, the Ring may provide an element of additional (frictional) stimulation for both partners. Some evidence for this proposition was adduced by talking to both partners at follow up. In particular, the majority had found the device rewarding because it had provided direct mechanical stimulation to the labia and clitoris. This had done much to maintain their co-operation throughout the treatment period. Initially, some patients expressed reticence about wearing the device, but this was soon replaced by enthusiasm.

In conclusion, there seems little doubt that the Blakoe Energiser Ring may be expected to benefit a proportion of impotent men and is worthy of inclusion into the armament of therapies for sexual inadequacy.

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A Physician concludes: “Scientifically conceived, and designed to be easily and quickly applied, The Energising Ring has been proven not only to produce far-reaching results insofar as impotence and sexual dysfunction in men are concerned, but also to improve an individual’s overall bodily health and general sense of well-being”.